Sling Instructions

If these instructions aren’t helping, please contact me. It usually takes a quite a few tries to get the hang of baby wearing. So, if you need some advice or some encouragement, I’m here!

Mama Kate’s Ring Slings

  • Made from 100% Pure Softened Linen that softens as you wash.*
  • Linen is the most fitting material for baby wearing: It is extremely durable, It is breathable, It is good for any season, It softens as you wash, It is made from natural fibers.
  • Baby wearing encourages a strong bond.
  • Baby wearing is easier than carrying around the car seat!
  • This sling can be a carrier for your newborn and up to 35 lbs.
  • Use the tail for a nursing cover.
  • Perfect for the little ones to keep them cozy!
  • Great for toddlers who are always wanting up and down. Quick and easy to just slip baby right in!

*Wash separately in cold first few washes. Then, continue to wash in cold, and tumble dry, or line dry. (When drying in the dryer, add a layer of a few socks over the rings to avoid the loud clanging!)