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Totally Christmas

Score! I am done wrapping presents! It’s been a weird time for me, lately. Usually I am more excited about Christmas, or maybe more “in the spirit” than I have been this year. Winter came too soon, and Christmas has snuck up on me so quickly. (Just realized “snuck” isn’t a word, but what else fits more appropriately in that sentence? Not a word, schmot a word!) This year...

Wrapping Gifts: This year, it was fun.

Preparing for Christmas this year has been quite different than the past few years. We are now a household with 4 people living off of just one income. This is quite a jump from last year being a family of 3, living off of double what we are now. So, we cut corners whenever possible. Or, at least we try. Every other year a portion of the money spent on Christmas gifts goes towards wrapping paper. I get my love...

At My Shop

I forgot to mention last night, that I will be having FREE shipping on all the items in my Etsy shop over the weekend. If you need a sling or any custom order, let me know!


Tomorrow is Black Friday. To some, this means getting up before the sun, shoving your way through crowds of crazed shoppers, standing in long lines, and most importantly getting a SALE! This whole idea sounds pretty unappealing to me, but some people love it–my husband being one of them. I don’t get it. Anyway, I’ve got the remedy for anyone who wants the sale, but not the crazy shopping trip. ...

Buy Handmade

I’m not sure if any of you are aware, but it’s already November! It seems like just last week all the leaves were green, we were thinking about mowing our yard, and plans for our weekends were to go swimming. Well now, the leaves are suddenly gone, the air is chilly, and Christmas is just around the corner. With the holidays coming, this means most of us are doing more shopping. We, of course,...
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