Social Event

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The Apple Popcorn Festival was a success! I didn’t make a whole lot of money, but I had such a wonderful time. I would even say I had the most fun I’ve ever had at this particular festival. My Mom was amazing and came to help me run my booth. It would have been a LONG day without her help! She brought some of her beautiful jewelry, too! Another thing that made the day wonderful was seeing a family that our family has known since I was teeny weeny. I…read more



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I love my friends.


For Your Enjoyment

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I haven’t posted in a while. Not really sure why, I’ve had lots of totally fun stuff happening. I just haven’t felt like pausing to document them, I guess. So here are photos I have saved from the past few weeks. I don’t plan on doing a whole lot of blogging in the next month because I will be having way too much fun, so I will be posting pictures periodically for your enjoyment!


Ode to the blanket

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Archer was given a beautiful blanket that was hand-made by my wonderful friend Annie. Now that Archer has been around for 5 weeks, (wow) this time has allowed me to fall in love not only with my new son, but this blanket! First of all she could not have picked better colors. And I need to remember to ask her if she was even aware of the sex of our babe when she started this project. Second, the size is perfect. It’s pretty big for a baby blanket, but now…read more



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This year has been pretty eventful for us… …We visited New York visted Louisiana had a booth at the local farmer’s market got pregnant with our second child quit smoking bought a house watched our son grow became a sole proprioter had an enormous birthday party for our son lost friends became closer to other friends made new friends had friends move away had friends move closer had family move closer (1 block away to be exact!) took birthing class planned for a home birth decided I would quit my…read more