The Dilemma of the Thrifty Daughter to a Shop-a-holic Mother …

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At first, you love the “gifts”. You are a novice to this living-on-your-own thing, and the hand-me-downs are quite helpful when the ratio to things needed to funds available are considered. (Let’s she how many hyphenated phrases I can cram into this, shall we?) You need sheets, towels, and silverware. Boom! Mom has enough to distribute between you and a sibling. Thanks, mom! Your modest lifestyle becomes equipped for a server that spends little time at home tending to domestic activities such as cooking and cleaning. You. Are. Set. Then,…read more


Summer 2011

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This summer has be busy. Super busy. With the new non-profit I’ve been working to open, it seems like every minute has been filled. But, I love it! And, the fun that comes with summer has been fantastic. Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to: And there’s so much left of summer!

Triple XXX

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Today has been fantastic. John and I took the boys to the Triple XXX for the first time EVER. We were always leery about going there due to the seating arrangement they have. It’s only bar stool along a counter seating, which doesn’t work well for kids that sit in highchairs or have issues with sitting still. (Um, I don’t know about yours kids, but mine have NEVER stayed in their chair for an entire meal.) Which, by the way, our kids have always HATED high chairs. They both used…read more


Things are getting interesting

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Blogging has been the last thing I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time.  I’m not really sure if it’s because I’ve been busier than ever, or if it’s because I really just didn’t feel like documenting my life.  Who knows?  Anyway, a big part of it must have been due to all the changes that have been going on in our house.  I’ve been doing training and working very hard for months upon months to achieve my goal of working with moms during labor and birth.  And finally!  I’m…read more


Crab Trees

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Tonight we had one of our little photo shoots for my slings at the park. When we arrived, we did a drive through to scope out the trees for a nice background. We’ve chosen a different spot each time we’ve done this. This time, we chose this gorgeous group of Crab Trees. They looked pretty from the drive, but when we got up close, they were even more beautiful. The bright oranges and reds against the blue sky was brilliant. Here are a few* shots that I took. *In this…read more


Social Event

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The Apple Popcorn Festival was a success! I didn’t make a whole lot of money, but I had such a wonderful time. I would even say I had the most fun I’ve ever had at this particular festival. My Mom was amazing and came to help me run my booth. It would have been a LONG day without her help! She brought some of her beautiful jewelry, too! Another thing that made the day wonderful was seeing a family that our family has known since I was teeny weeny. I…read more


On To New/Old Things

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So, the business thing didn’t happen. I almost posted this extensive thing about how we were trying to buy a business with tons of juicy details. I had visions for this place. We were trying to purchase a local re-sale children’s clothing store. I had ideas to give this little shop an entire makeover. I wanted to paint. I wanted to knock down walls. I wanted to expand the inventory to offer cloth diapers, slings, organic clothes and toys, and breastfeeding apparel. I had such a vision for this place….read more



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Things I am totally pumped about: Jackson and Archer have bunk beds (Thanks Annie!) My house is clean The yard is mowed I just grabbed a bag full of things that were ready in the garden (the basil is gorgeous) Coffee I bought a dehydrator John and Jackson’s hair cuts Laundry is almost done We might be business owners in a month (!)* John is off of work for a week Family is coming to visit The weather is gorgeous Tonight we are leaving for the lake AND … we…read more


How Cool Is This?

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My mom brought this piece of paper over the other day for me to look at. It’s a note written by my Grandma right before she passed away. I thought it was pretty cool to leave something like this for our family. She was a wise woman. *** Hello from the 20th Century! Letter to the Future From: Genevieve Robinson Date: February 29, 2000 Do not open until Feb. 29, 2004 The best things in my life are: My children and grandchildren, family reunions, good friends, the beauty I see…read more


More About Food

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As Spring has sprung, food has been on my mind quite often.  With gardens popping up everywhere–including our yard–and with the Farmers Market opening day fast approaching, I can’t help but let food consume my thoughts.  In our garden we have all the early spring stuff already planted–broccoli, carrots, spinach, arugula, kale, cauliflower, beans, peas, onions, and lettuce–and tonight we will add in some tomato and red pepper starts around the border.  I. can’t. wait. for. tomatoes. seriously.  Last night my lovely grandmother, who gardened most of her life, gave…read more

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