The Dilemma of the Thrifty Daughter to a Shop-a-holic Mother …

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At first, you love the “gifts”. You are a novice to this living-on-your-own thing, and the hand-me-downs are quite helpful when the ratio to things needed to funds available are considered. (Let’s she how many hyphenated phrases I can cram into this, shall we?) You need sheets, towels, and silverware. Boom! Mom has enough to distribute between you and a sibling. Thanks, mom! Your modest lifestyle becomes equipped for a server that spends little time at home tending to domestic activities such as cooking and cleaning. You. Are. Set. Then,…read more


I Remember

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I remember when I used to post here–I would post quite often, and it was nice. Maybe I should begin doing that again.


You Know You Want To

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I am organizing a craft show in Lafayette. The date is set for November 5th from 10am – 2pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church. This will be Natural Parenting Education Network’s biggest fundraising event, so far. We hope that it goes well enough to make it an annual event. Along with making some bucks for NPEN, I have wanted (for a long time) to bring a modern craft show to our area. I’ve seen them come through Indy and Bloomington, and thought Lafayette really would love to see the art…read more

Summer 2011

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This summer has be busy. Super busy. With the new non-profit I’ve been working to open, it seems like every minute has been filled. But, I love it! And, the fun that comes with summer has been fantastic. Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to: And there’s so much left of summer!

Meet The Doulas!

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Here is the meeting you should attend if you are thinking of using a Doula. It’s going to be great!

Craft Show Documentary

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I hope this project gets funded!  Such a great idea!  I had the luck of vending next to this lovely lady at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange last year! Good luck to you, Sunday Afternoon Housewife!  


Raw Food

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This one should be good. Super good. CHOICES of Lafayette is GOING RAW! Ready for the growing season? Well, we are! We are happy to be hosting a raw foods presentation and demonstration on Monday, April 18th at 5:30pm at the Tippecanoe Public Library in downtown Lafayette to show our enthusiasm for fresh foods! With the Farmer’s Markets, your own gardens, and CSA’s on their way in, NOW is the time to start thinking about how best to use all that wonderful food. Many people are curious about raw foods…read more


Raw Foods

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So, we’ve been doing a raw foods diet. Well, John has. I’m 100% on some days and more like 50% on others. The whole thing started with the weight loss challenge going on where John works. If he loses the most by April he has free health care coverage next year. That might be the best prize you could ever possibly win! I’ve always wanted to try the raw foods diet because I know how amazingly good it is for you. It just makes sense to me. You lose so…read more


Life Has Changed

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Ever have something happen that totally changes you? I have, a few times. The first things that come to mind are, of course, getting married and having children. Those events completely changed me. I am thankful everyday for my family. Something else that just recently happened has changed me forever. I had the honor of “catching” a baby. I really love using the term, “catching” as opposed to “delivering”. Anyway, here’s what happened. I received a call from one of the Midwives I work with, and she asked me to…read more



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Hi all. This is me trying to get some more clients: As you may already know, I am working towards my DONA Doula certification. If you or someone you know has an inkling of an interest in having a Doula for support during labor and birth, let me know. I am working for very low fees as I am on the tail end of this certification. Thank you! I am serving Lafayette / West Lafayette , Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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