A little about me:

Mothering 2 children is the biggest and best thing I am doing. I am a single mom / nursing student / full-time employee at a pretty great company. To add to my full schedule, I also sell these gorgeous slings and encapsulate a placenta here and there.  These 2 things: slings and placenta capsules were probably the best things to happen to me after the birth of my second child.  So, I love sharing my service as much as I can!

A little more about me:

  • I ride bikes as much as possible (commuting to work, recreational rides with kiddos and friends, and currently working on long distance travels)
  • Gardening is always a joy
  • I work as a braille transcriber by day
  • Currently kicking coffee
  • Also, currently in denial that I am a hippie
  • I am a Birth Doula through DONA
  • My second son and I have the same birthday (This still amazes me)
  • I am working on my nursing degree to work in labor & delivery with hopes to move on to Midwifery school

So, there you have it. Thanks for visiting.