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So, I am busy. Very busy. The reason for this has to do with many things; many very good things. First, I’ve been making sales through my Etsy shop! I sold a few slings last week that I didn’t already have made, so that meant a little bit of time was spent with me at home sewing and John taking the boys out to do whatever (usually shopping at Goodwill or going somewhere to eat cheeseburgers) it is they decide to do. Then, I had a few iPhone cases to make for my sister-in-law for Christmas gifts, and for the love of iPhones. She just got one, and is in love like I am. I’ve also got a few other Christmas gifts on my things-to-make list, that I haven’t even got to. So, while all of these projects are piling up–and just so we are clear, I LOVE that I have a pile of things to make for people–John decides to go ahead and get a booth at the local flea market/consignment store/store-full-of-whatever-you-can-imagine. At first I was feeling overwhelmed. Why you ask? Because half of this booth is supposed to be filled with handmade stuff! Handmade by ME! Well, the overwhelmed feeling soon faded into pure excitement, because this is what we as a family want. We want to be in charge of the money we make. We want to work for ourselves. So, I look at this as the first step towards that. We are taking a slight risk (only because a family with 2 children and one income isn’t rolling in the dough) with putting up a little bit of money towards this booth that may or may not bear fruit. But, I think it’s a good risk to take, and really, it’s not much of a risk. I’m just a worrier. So, anyway! Our hope is that this booth space does us well, and new paths will be opened to move on to the next step in our entrepreneurial (wow, I had no idea how to spell that) life. Wish us luck!

So, I will be busy busting out iPhone cases, Upcycled T-shirt Bags, and whatever else I can think of that might sell at a place like that. Come see us! Or, if you want anything specially made, email me!